St. Petersburg is one of my favorite places to run to for a weekend getaway. They have amazing food and gorgeous scenery and fantastic craft beer! Green Bench Brewing Co. is located near the Downtown St. Pete area. I recently went down to St. Pete for a weekend getaway and walked to Green Bench from my hotel downtown. It was a bit of a hike, but there are so many awesome shops, street art, and interesting antique stores along the way it made the walk a lot of fun. Green Bench is also close to the Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Rays play so if you are into baseball, here is a great place to drink before or after the game.

Walking into Green Bench reminded me a lot of my favorite local spot in Jacksonville with the awesome mix of industrial and wood elements. The tasting room has a long bar with plenty of tables and seating, but oh it gets way better when you step outside. They have a covered outdoor area, providing plenty of shade and then a spectacular grassy area with Adirondack chairs scattered about and of course…cornhole. On the wall is a really cool mural with a big blank space next to it for projecting movies onto the wall during their outdoor movie nights. I first sat at the bar to chat with the staff and get some beer suggestions and then we moved outside to enjoy the gorgeous day.


There are so many beers to pick from at Green Bench. I opted for full pours so sadly I did not get to try too many of the beers, but I was so impressed with what I had. I started with their “bench-mark” Green Bench IPA. I love hops and this beer provided a great deal of hops but also allowed for a little pine and citrus to come through as well. IPA’s are a go-to for me, and this beer is one I would be happy to keep stocked in my fridge.

Green Bench

I tried the Saison de Banc Vert, which boasts a gold medal win in the 2014 US Open Beer Championship in the Wood/Oak Aged Pale Category and understandably so. This saison is delicious, tart and citrusy and paired perfectly with the gorgeous sunny day.

We were supposed to leave Green Bench after two beers, but my husband took a call to handle a work emergency, leaving my no choice but to kill time with another beer. I was reasonable and ordered a small pour of the Double Stout, which was wonderfully flavorful with all of the coffee/chocolate intense roasted flavors I love in a stout.

Green Bench also bottles a lot of their beers, which makes it easy to take back home and enjoy after the vacation is over. Green Bench has some really great beers in the taproom that I have yet to try. They do a lot of brewing with different types of barrels and I am really excited to experience these unique flavor profiles, especially the sours posted on their website. If you are anywhere near the downtown St. Pete area, definitely visit this place!