The third and final stop in my mini brew tour of Miami was Concrete Beach Brewery. My husband and I actually just happened upon the brewery en route to the Wynwood Walls, and I am so very glad that we did! There is a huge glass wall with a circular bar separating the indoor area from the outdoor area of the tasting room, which made the space seem very large and open. The seating was very unique and offered lounge areas for a more intimate setting. The venue is surrounded by beautiful art, both street art, fine art and even a cool sculpture of a sloth handing outside. I really liked being able to look into the brewing area to see the production of the delicious that I was about to enjoy.

My husband and I opted to sit at the bar in the outdoor section and quickly made friends with the staff. Concrete Beach offered eight beers so my husband and I ordered two flights, which gave us a chance to try all of the beers. The beer was colorful, flavorful and just perfect for the artistic atmosphere and sunny Miami skies. Concrete Beach Brewing incorporated tropical fruits into some of their beers. There is a particular grapefruit beer that I am obsessed with that is one of my go-to beers, so I was very pleased with these fruit forward beers. Below is a list of the beers I tried and my tasting experience:


  • Stiltsville Miami Style Pilsner: I got grapefruit and pineapple out of this beer. The fruit flavors were present, but not overpowering. This is the perfect beach beer that I could drink all day. I actually ended up ordering it at a different bar later that evening.
  • Rica Wheat IPA: This is the perfect “easy” IPA. It’s very approachable and a good starter IPA for someone who is learning to love hoppy beer.
  • Mas Hops Double IPA: There is a wonderful pine aroma with this beer and I got a slight apricot aftertaste. I love more hop-forward beers and this didn’t disappoint.
  • Key Lime Kolsh: Concrete Beach Brewing nailed this beer! It’s like a slice of key lime pie but in beer form.
  • La Tropical: I was not a fan of the malty smell, but this beer was damn tasty. I got a roasted nut aftertaste, which left me wanting more.
  • Kungaloosh Spiced Ale: This is their African inspired spiced amber ale. It’s got a wonderful rich color, a great blend of spices. If you have ever tried Bitches Brew by Dogfish Head, this was a more calm version of that beer.
  • Tropic of Passion: This is their American wheat ale with passion fruit. When reviewing my notes I wrote “I need all of this beer”. This beer is tart and tropical and perfectly Miami. This beer is what I think of when I think of Concrete Beach’s motto, “Drink Art, Make Beer”.
  • Que Quat: This magical blend of delicious is their Berliner Weiss with kumquat. This beer is crisp and tangy and everything I love about beer. I love my sours! Sadly, I was informed that they will not be producing this beer any more but I am thrilled that I was able to try it before it’s gone forever.


I honestly cannot think of any circumstance that would make me want to move to Miami, but Concrete Beach certainly made me consider it, if only for a brief moment. I wish I could pack up the location and move it my hometown so I can enjoy their beers more often. Another thing I loved about Concrete Beach was the social media incentive. If you post a picture on Instagram, you get a free koozie. I gladly participated in this offer as I have never turned down a free koozie. I highly recommend Concrete Beach Brewing if you are anywhere in the Miami area. It is a great place for both hardcore beer lovers, newbies and anyone in between.