The Abbey Brewing Co. is the first and only brewpub in the South Beach area of Miami, Florida. I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Abbey Brewing Co. was only eight blocks from my hotel, which made walking feasible and enjoyable. When I walked into The Abbey, I was relieved to see a nice yet casual atmosphere. They achieved the “old word” feel with dark wood seating and dim lights. There were booths and tables scattered about and one long community style table, which is perfect for large groups. There was an area to play darts near the front and a good music playing in the background.


We walked up to the bar and were greeted by Jersen. He took time to discuss the beers and was incredibly welcoming.  I opted for the flight, which featured all of their beers for a very small price tag of $20. The flights were more like full pours, so it was definitely a good value (Seriously, look at the picture below!!). Unfortunately, they were in the process of brewing the IPA so I was not able to try it, but they reduced the price of the flight to offset the missing beer.

I started my tasting with Father Ray’s Swartzwetzen, which was surprisingly light for being a dark beer. The beer boasts a German strain of yeast going back 500 years. Usually, I sip each beer in a flight before committing to one, but I liked this one so much I finished it before trying anything else. Next, I tried Brother Dan’s Dubbel, which is brewed with chestnuts and candied fruits. I love smelling my beer and this one smelled rich and sweet. When I drank it, I got a caramel finish, which was probably the chestnut and fruit combination. The beer is brown in color and drinks a lot like a nice nut-brown ale.

The third beer I tried was a golden Trappist style beer called Sister Tina’s Tripel. This beer boasts a light blend of coriander and honey. The beer is light yet very flavorful. Father Theodore’s Stout was next. Just breathe this beer in if you are a stout fan. It is thick, syrupy and roasty. The color and fragrance might intimidate because it seems like it’s going to be a beast of a beer, but it’s the right combination of powerful but approachable for a stout. The last beer in the flight was Brother Aaron’s 20’th Anniversary Quad. This beer is also a Trappist style like the Tripel, but completely different. My husband had an expectation that the quad would knock your dick in the dirt (his words) based on the description on the menu. It was definitely a very potent and power beer, but in the best way. After my first sip, the beer completely coated the palate with a sweet yet malty flavor bomb.

The Abbey Brewing Co. also has a full bar, and it was incredibly tempting to sip on a whiskey while I was there. They do not serve any food, but there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance. We actually went to Yardbird right next door and the food was really good. I would definitely recommend stopping in to try their beers. They also have other local beers on tap as well. I was very pleased with the atmosphere, service and of course the beer at The Abbey Brewing Co. If I am ever back in Miami, I will certainly come back.