BPig Menu

Lagunitas Lucky 13 – Red Ale (8.8% ABV)

Jacksonville, Florida has been stepping up its food game in the past few years. A new kid on the block is the Bearded Pig located in the San Marco area of town. This place is just around the corner from my favorite brewery, Aardwolf and a great bar called Sidecar. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor bar area, indoor seating, and an awesome outdoor area with a grassy nook in the back perfect for a game of cornhole. The BEST part about the outdoor area is that it is dog friendly!

The Bearded Pig is a mix between quick service and casual dining with their own unique spin on Southern-style BBQ. They also have a great variety of beers on tap, boasting both a local and national assortment of craft beers (hence why it made it’s way onto my beer blog). I opted for a Lagunitas Lucky 13 red ale. This beer has big flavor. If you aren’t afraid of hoppy beers, I highly recommend this one.  The beers come in a mason jar, which combined with the classic blues music playing in the background, enhanced  the southern bbq experience.

The Bearded Pig has a wide variety of different meats at a very modest price. The beef ribs are huge, like tip over Fred Flintstone’s car huge. From what I could see, the meat was just falling off the bone. Another cool thing about The Bearded Pig is that they have love for vegetarians too! They have a really tasty sandwich called The Dace, which consists on mac & cheese, baked beans and slaw on a bun. All of their sides are vegetarian as well. There were four sauces to pick from ranging from sweet to spicy. I couldn’t pick a favorite so I alternated all four for each bite.

BPig with Sauce

The Bearded Pig Sauces – OG, Sweet Spot, Drizz, XXX

Before closing out my check and leaving, I had to have dessert. Sure the menu has banana pudding, a Nutella brownie sundae and chocolate chip cookies, but I opted for pure decadence… beer. The Bearded Pig has a nitro tap in it’s arsenal of awesomeness. The nitro beer was Old Chub Nitro from Oskar Blues. This Scottish strong ale is divine. The added nitro enhanced the coffee and chocolate flavors of the beer. Watching this beer settle after being poured was almost as satisfying as actually drinking the beer.

BPig Old Chub Nitro

Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro – Scottish Strong Ale (8.0% ABV)

San Marco has a lot of food options, but for a casual, delicious and unpretentious dining experience, I highly recommend this place.

For more information about The Bearded Pig, click the link for their website. http://www.thebeardedpigbbq.com/