A Girl & Her Growler

Pint-Sized Adventures: Tales of Travel One Beer at a Time


Welcome to my site where I will share my “pint-sized adventures” one beer at a time. This site is dedicated to my love of travel and my love of craft beer. In an industry dominated by the male perspective, I wanted to share wonderful world of craft beer from a girl’s point of view. Don’t worry guys, I am a huge tomboy so there will still be enjoyable content for you as well (like making sure there are TV’s to watch football/hockey).

I absolutely love to travel, but with a full-time job, school and other responsibilities that I playfully refer to as “adulting”, weekend getaways happen far more often than long vacations. Because of this, I tend to pack as much punch as possible into each destination. Growing up in Florida, I do not enjoy visiting the run-of-the-mill tourist attractions while on my vacations…Instead, I like “adventurizing”, which generally entails walking/biking around and finding cool places on my own without the help of a brochure in the hotel lobby. I have learned that you can gain a lot of appreciation for a city by going to the local craft breweries. Simply sitting at the bar and chatting with the staff and locals, you will get the best places to go and the best places to eat. Generally, if I meet someone in a craft brewery, I am going to trust their suggestions as they obviously have good taste in beer!

I have met some pretty amazing people on my travels and have created wonderful memories. I hope this site inspires you to support local breweries on your next vacation.